Il Parco di Snoopy

Interview by Multiradio Tolentino – 6 october 2017

In the heart of the Sibillini Mountains National Park , Il Parco di Snoopy offers, to all those who want to guarantee a worthy burial to their pets, an authorized green area which will be the deserved resting place for dogs, cats and all other pets.

The park is completely fenced and is easily accessible and equipped with parking.

You can pay a visit to your dear pet, stroll and stay in the meadow or in the cherry, oak, pines and chestnut woods, in a green oasis entirely dedicated to you.

A discount is offered to those who decide to adopt a dog or a cat housed in a pets shelter.

Park area

The park area, completely fenced, is easily accessible and equipped with a parking space. We guarantee a daily maintenance and video surveillance service.

Update October 2017

By ending bureaucratic practices and regulatory adjustments, you can already accommodate your dear pet.

Come and visit us and advise us on the choice of plants and flowers to dwell in the avenues and margins of the burial area.

Many B&Bs and farmhouses will be happy to host you in the National Park of the Sibillini Mountains or on the shores of the nearby San Ruffino Lake.

Our service

All veterinarians can apply for an agreement with Il Parco di Snoopy.

In compliance with current regulations animals are interred in biodegradable bags. For further information on the laws governing the implementation and maintenance of the Pet Cemetery please feel free to contact us.

Home collection

Il Parco di Snoopy offers the service of home or veterinarian ambulatory collection with an authorized vehicle; it deals with the preparation of the pet’s body, which is wrapped in a biodegradable bag, and transported to the pet cemetery.

Cemetery service

At this time, the pet cemetery is open for visits on Wednesday and Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00. Pending final completion of the facilities and staff, you may make a telephone appointment to visit on other days.


The remains are wrapped in a biodegradable fabric and then placed in a grave in the grounds. You can choose either the forest area or the lawn area. Here the pet will remain for a minimum of five years, along with other beloved animals in a beautiful and peaceful place. The grave will be completed by a river stone with the engraved name of the deceased animal or, optionally, a tombstone with engraved photo and epitaph.


What do I need to do at the time of my pet’s death?

If the animal dies at home it is possible to contact il Parco di Snoopy, we will collect the remains, take care of the veterinary certification and arrange the burial in the dedicated area.
If the animal dies at a veterinary clinic, it is sufficient to ask the veterinarian to contact Il Parco di Snoopy. We will collect the animal from the veterinarian providing assistance as required and performing all procedures in accordance with the law.

How much does the burial service cost?

Il Parco di Snoopy offers different prices depending on the service requested, for example, if only burial or even transport of the remains from the cemetery to the cemetery is required.
A discount is offered to those who decide to adopt a dog or a cat housed in a pets shelter.
The price for a burial service starts from 90 euros.

Does ll Parco di Snoopy accept animals of all kinds?

In the cemetery you can bury all pets of any size, such as dogs, cats, hamsters, cage birds, ornamental fish, reptiles.

Can you witness the burial?

Yes, Il Parco di Snoopy allows users to be present at the burial ground. You will be assisted by our staff, who are always at your disposal.

I am a veterinarian and I would like to inform my customers about the existence of Il Parco di Snoopy.

All veterinarians can request and obtain an agreement with Il Parco di Snoopy. To get in touch with us just call the number (+39) 347 38 44 191.

Contacts – Where we are

Via Calvaresi, 63857 Amandola (FM)
+39 0736 847465+39 347 3844191

Monti Sibillini National Park

A mountain chain rising in the heart of Italy and reaching with Mt. Vettore the 2,476m. A territory where the magic of local nature, history, and culture has contributed in defining a unique and unrepeatable reality.

Here, in the kingdom of the mythic Sibilla, Monti Sibillini National Park was established in 1993 (with over 70,000 ha), with the aim to safeguard the environment, promote a social and economic sustainable development, and favor the creation of a “Park for everyone”.

The Wolf, the Golden Eagle, the Peregrine, and a number of endemic species are the most evident elements of a biological richness which, along with the charm of the abbeys and the medieval historical town centers lying in a crown at the foot of the mountains, have shaped an old and fascinating world where time has stopped to honor a reality of extraordinary beauty.