Our service

All veterinarians can apply for an agreement with Il Parco di Snoopy.

In compliance with current regulations animals are interred in biodegradable bags. For further information on the laws governing the implementation and maintenance of the Pet Cemetery please feel free to contact us.

Home collection

Il Parco di Snoopy offers the service of home or veterinarian ambulatory collection with an authorized vehicle; it deals with the preparation of the pet’s body, which is wrapped in a biodegradable bag, and transported to the pet cemetery.

Cemetery service

At this time, the pet cemetery is open for visits on Wednesday and Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00. Pending final completion of the facilities and staff, you may make a telephone appointment to visit on other days.


The remains are wrapped in a biodegradable fabric and then placed in a grave in the grounds. You can choose either the forest area or the lawn area. Here the pet will remain for a minimum of five years, along with other beloved animals in a beautiful and peaceful place. The grave will be completed by a river stone with the engraved name of the deceased animal or, optionally, a tombstone with engraved photo and epitaph.