What do I need to do at the time of my pet’s death?

If the animal dies at home it is possible to contact il Parco di Snoopy, we will collect the remains, take care of the veterinary certification and arrange the burial in the dedicated area.
If the animal dies at a veterinary clinic, it is sufficient to ask the veterinarian to contact Il Parco di Snoopy. We will collect the animal from the veterinarian providing assistance as required and performing all procedures in accordance with the law.

How much does the burial service cost?

Il Parco di Snoopy offers different prices depending on the service requested, for example, if only burial or even transport of the remains from the cemetery to the cemetery is required.
A discount is offered to those who decide to adopt a dog or a cat housed in a pets shelter.
The price for a burial service starts from 90 euros.

Does ll Parco di Snoopy accept animals of all kinds?

In the cemetery you can bury all pets of any size, such as dogs, cats, hamsters, cage birds, ornamental fish, reptiles.

Can you witness the burial?

Yes, Il Parco di Snoopy allows users to be present at the burial ground. You will be assisted by our staff, who are always at your disposal.

I am a veterinarian and I would like to inform my customers about the existence of Il Parco di Snoopy.

All veterinarians can request and obtain an agreement with Il Parco di Snoopy. To get in touch with us just call the number (+39) 347 38 44 191.